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The Temple of 3 by Relincanth
The Temple of 3
Made with DeviantArt muro.

I drew what I saw in my dream, and since I don't dream often, I thought I would save a snapshot.

So the story goes something like this (from what I saw int he dream).

We are living in modern times. The king took up the place of his father, his father told him as a child about 2 brothers who were highly trained in the arts of war, but they always fought, one wanted to conquer the lands for himself, being the 3rd king's best friend, as he died he took his place, but it was rumored that the 3rd king died by his hand as a means to start his dream of war for territory. His brother became a master under the Temple of 2. Training a man with such desire for peace that he killed the land's source of corruption, one of the 2 brothers of the temple of 2, the king, for the greater good. The warrior of the calm was offered the seat of the throne to which he refused, he wouldn't have liked to stand on the same footsteps as that madman. He instead asked the nobles to grant a working class man the spot, a man who had always stayed loyal to his family and his land. The working class man felt honored to bring his family and himself to the royal seats. His son, now a noble always told his father that he'd show the best of appreciation for what his father brought to the table while they were in the working class, with no other way than to make his father proud as a king of justice, forever in his honor may he pass. Years later, the king was far too old, on his will, his son would take up the throne and care for the rest of the family. Over the years, the master passed and the warrior had 3 sons before he passed, calling them Peace, Love and Wisdom, training each with their own unique style to bring balance to any threat should they come forth. The temple of 2 was renamed to the Temple of 3. It has been a century since the death of the madman king. To mark his day defeated, his spirit disguised himself as his father's master, to heed a fake warning to only one son of the warrior's 3; the brother of peace. 

"Each day their forces get stronger and you sit back and watch from your temple? What kind of sons did my student raise? The three territories of this land want to demolish this temple and turn it into a bigger castle for the king, his greed grows daily. His soldiers are obtaining better weapons that a blade, ones that can fire from range and you won't be able to block, especially with so many projectiles being shot at you, even his family snickers at your old ways, you and your brothers are but a mockery to the king, show them your training, show them your teachings, what would your father think about the temple being destroyed, ACT NOW!".

So the brother of peace, blind with anger took up his sword and attacked the nobles, he was able to easily get through the guards and cause a massacre of the king's family and friends. The king in complete shock after hearing about his family; ordered the working class to join their families as they might also not be safe from such an attack. The 2 other sons of the warrior roamed the city with the weapons the king had given them, automatic rifles, scared, hoping their brother, keeper of peace would still be alive.

The blind with anger brother of peace scoped out these new weapons, they looked a lot deadlier than his blade. He got as close as he could and pulled a soldier in, stole his gun, shot his head and continued to fire upon the public, not even aware that he shot his own brother, the brother of love. It was that moment when the king himself shot the brother of peace twice in the stomach, telling everyone else to stop their fire, he could see his eyes red in possession. In a critical condition, the 2 brothers were sent to a hospital where they were both treated for multiple bullet wounds.

As the brother of peace opened his eyes in the hospital he saw his own brother yelling in agony with the third brother, the brother of wisdom looking at him in complete disappointment. The brother of peace was removed of all his weapons and banished from the temple of 3, now re-named to the temple of 2 once more, the brother of peace would spend a lifetime's rehabilitation period within the lower class territory where people would spit on him on the streets for his previous acts. He's now the king's main servant and carer of the lower class children. Teaching kids about corruption, manipulation and how to steer away from it, having his story as an example.

The brother of love fully recovered from his wounds and they visit the brother of peace every anniversary of the shootings and not to forget, the death of the madman king.


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